Catchmaster 72MAX Peanut Butter Glue Board (72 per case)


Catchmaster 72MAX Econo Peanut Butter Scented is part of the 72MB Glue Board Series which is available in assorted food grade attractants with varying strengths allowing you customize based on your needs. The peanut butter flavor of this trap provides an enticing aroma that attracts more mice, insects and other pests.

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Product Description

The food grade attractant of this trap is non-poisonous making it less harmful towards pets and children. The adhesive formula of this product is potent enough to last at least one year under normal and usual circumstances. Also, this trap is versatile as it can be folded into a tunnel shape for in dusty or tight areas or place it straight onto a baseboard to prevent drag-offs. One box contains 72 traps measuring 8.50 inches by 5.25 inches.



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